All people tend to perfect beauty, but this is still the most typical for women. Maintaining good looks mean preservation of looking young and vitality. And Japanese women are the real artists in the field. Women in Asia have not kept strict diets and do not practice rigorous fitness regimes to be skinny. They are directed to the already tested daily methods for preserving the health of body and spirit. The West is paid too much attention to counting calories,input of  protein and carbohydrates, and often neglects the fact – your body craves natural things, and all you have to do is listen to his needs, so if you want to stay fit and healthy, listen to the advice of Japanese women, who daily admire because in old age seem to have twenty years. Here are their secrets …

If you train like a sumo wrestler and you’ll look like a sumo wrestler

Sumo wrestlers do not eat breakfast in the morning and immediately start with training. After a hearty lunch, then immediately go to sleep. And then wake up and once again repeat the whole routine. If you exercise excessively and eat large amounts of food, certainly you will have the chest muscles, but also get fat. Excessive training you pulls the heavy Brock then that the only thing you wish is just to sleep . Another shortcoming of excessive exercise is hyperventilation. Peace breathing signals to the body that everything is fine.

But when the body is under stress, the brain shows that fast is required a great deal of energy is most commonly found in sweet foods. Main sign that you are exaggerating in training when you’re hungry “like a wolf.”

The heat is life

Western approach to dieting is setting the concept of food as a source of energy, but it is based on Eastern principles by which heat is life. Food is fuel which we need to survive. Fruits and vegetables in the summer months help the body get used to the higher temperatures, while heavier diet during the winter months maintaining body temperature in cold conditions. Many nutritionists say raw food is healthy for consumption, but the body loses heat because of the large amount of raw foods such as fruits and green vegetables. They are really strong, but much better cooked food will supply and energy will heat up when you need it.

Drinking liquids during meals is not as healthy

Japanese never drink when they eat. First, the liquid cools the body, and secondly, such a combination is bad for digestion. Water to neutralize the acid in the stomach which is responsible for digestion, so the body requires more energy to complete this process.

Remember that foods also contain liquid that needs our body, so most Japanese people enjoy the warm soups.

The warm bath longer life

After a pleasant hot bath immediately feel at ease and relaxed. This bathing at least twice a month improves circulation, digestion and brightness of the skin. Japanese their bathtubs filled to the level of the heart as much as the water level higher, the more you grow blood pressure. The water temperature should be from 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, which positively affects the circulation.


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